4 Money Lessons Everyone Should Learn from the Ant

Photo by Peter F. Wolf on Unsplash

Do you know thousands of great ideas are buried in the graveyard of limiting beliefs, And that’s every day? Money making ideas that could potentially change the world simply disappear, because of self-limiting mindsets?

It’s all because we don’t take time to look and learn from nature. The scriptures in Proverbs 6:6–11 state, “Go to the ant, you sluggard, consider its ways and be wise!” a tiny insect, an ant, has a certain kind of wisdom that humans lack. That wisdom is what this article is about.

The ant knows something that we don’t. It knows when to store up for the right season, and it does so without coercion, supervision or great persuasion.

What’s more interesting is that an ant is diligent without knowing God, or a boss, or the fear of governing authority.

Do you have a boss, somebody watching over your shoulder coercing you to work hard? Or is it the fear of losing your paycheck that keeps you working?

Here are 4 money making lessons you can learn from the ant:

Photo by Peter F. Wolf on Unsplash

1. Preparation

In summer the ant doesn’t sit in the sun to sunbathe, he is busy, he is preparing for an inevitability, it’s inevitable that winter will come, he is preparing for an eventuality that is cyclical.

Do you know that behind every economic boom there is an economic bust, a recession that will descend? what are you doing about it?

Are you storing up during harvest, when money is flowing? or are you consuming all your earnings and profits, keeping your fingers crossed and hoping the good times will last forever?

That’s called wishful thinking, a limiting belief that will lead you into poverty.

2. Out work everyone.

The Ant is always working, but not just working, he is competing, working harder than the next ant, striving to outwork every other ant. That’s diligence, the scriptures say, “How long will you lie there, you sluggard? when will you get up from your sleep?”

Do you love sleep? Or is it the controls of your play station, or flipping channels, or binging on Netflix movies, or is it social media, that controls your mind? that’s laziness and it has consequences, the scriptures say, “poverty will come on you like a thief, and scarcity like an armed man.!”

I didn’t write that, it’s in the scriptures.

3. Be a self-starter

The Ant doesn’t wait for motivation, he doesn’t wait for inspiration either, or some ‘eureka’ moment to happen. No, the ant gets busy, he knows he’s got to do what he has to do, and that’s all that matters.

What’s that project you’ve been putting off, procrastinating, waiting for ‘the right moment’ there is no such thing as a right moment. Every moment is right, just start.

4. Prepare for the harvest

The ant knows harvest season is coming. He prepares his store houses, he prepares his barns, he is ready. He plans to stash away, as much as possible of the harvest, as he possibly can.

The Ant isn’t thinking of getting fat during harvest, -just kicking back and taking it easy. — No, he is preparing to work even harder, harder than he’s ever worked before. Why? because he knows winter time will come again, so he works diligently stashing away, saving as much as he can, knowing he doesn’t want to starve when recession hits.

Now Here is a question for you:

Have you learned something from an insect we barely take note of? Are these four characteristics from an ant, an eye opener on how you can crack the money code to create wealth?

Here is something else, — you shouldn’t crack the money code so as to be so stinking rich, to floss your wealth buying stuff you don’t need to impress people who don’t care. That’s not why you want to crack the money code. There is a better reason why you should want to crack the money code.

Let’s look at the Ant again.

He lives in a colony, he cares about other ants, and lives to protect and provide for his colony.

So, crack the money code so that you can help somebody else, you can hire, you can give to charity, you can help a friend or family in a squeeze, you can do things that make society and the world a better place.

That should be the reason you want to crack the money code.

God doesn’t give us gifts for ourselves. It’s never for yourself, it’s about others. God provides for all of us, but we can only access these provisions when we use our gifts for the benefit of others.

God has given a little bit of something to everybody. Every person has something valuable.

Our biggest job in life is to help other people share in our experiences so that they too can release their gifts for the benefit of other people.






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