“Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession,” wrote author Gabriella Bernstein.

She is right, when you do what you love and make it part of your life, it will become a money maker. But you must first live it, breath it, and work it.

So do you know your passion? Identifying what your truly are passionate about is the first step to launching out. Here are some key strategies you should implement to turn that passion into a viable business.

Step one: Define Your Passion

Its common knowledge that when you pursue your passion you will find success in life. But how do you find that passion? How do you find your true ‘calling’?

You need to go on a soul searching trip – what activity gets you into the flow and time seems to stop?

Honest feedback from trusted family and friends can help you find your purpose.

What do they observe? Is it your love for culinary skills, travelling, or gardening, pulling out weeds and pruning flowers? think of how to monetize that passion.

Step two: Build Your Passion-based Business

Well now that you have defined your passion, let’s build a business around it.

Establish your goals, let them be BHAG –Big hairy audacious goals! Plan where you want that business to be in 10, 20 or 30 years. Now give that business a name, something catchy and memorable.

Thank God for technology, it’s easier than ever to launch a new business. Just head over to the internet, set up a blog, a website or social media presence.

If you can get your name out there, social media has some phenomenal results – You don’t just own an audience, but a loyal fan base that will buy, trumpet, and market your products and services freely.

Social media accounts get hacked, or you might suddenly get closed out. An Email list on the other hand is your personal customer base. You have control over what happens to your email list.

So, build an email list it will help you power your new found love through all technological turbulences!

Step three: Market Your New Business

Marketing your business simply means letting your audience know what you have to offer. You shouldn’t be afraid to put yourself out there and show people what you love doing. Leapfrog your fear and embrace the journey.

Learn to thrive from negative feedback and work to improve whatever your audience isn’t happy about – a word of caution here – you can’t satisfy everyone. Stick with loyal customers, those willing to support your passion, keep them happy and don’t worry about the haters and naysayers.

Here is how you can market yourself;

· Social media promotion- Start posting about what you’re doing on the various platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok….

· Promote yourself through blog writing and motivate people to join your mailing list- You can do this by awarding those joining the mailing list! Once you’ve grown your email list, you can educate and sell to your audience without hindrance.

· Pinterest- Promote your new business on Pinterest. This is one of the most profitable places you can advertise your products on.

· Google- Blogs will help you rank on Google, and reach more people. Google is a great way to grow organically.

Step four: What Can You Offer?

Now that you’ve established your business, let’s talk money, you need to start making some sells, that’s how that passion becomes a business! But how do you maximize monetizing your offering?

The answer is to diversify. Don’t focus on selling one thing, diversify you offering, respond to market needs.

We started with a quote, lets end with a quote, “What we really want to do is what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful and the work we do feels like play.” Creative writer, Julia Cameron. that’s passion turned business, – that’s what she means.

Finally, follow these four steps and turn that thing into a business, and as you do that, here is Good luck to you!






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