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Hey, my name is Jay, I’m The Healthy Accountant,

I have always wanted to help people have healthy bank balances and live healthy lifestyles.

I help entrepreneurs, individuals, families, professionals and businesses to transform.

Here is the story of how I became the healthy Accountant.

Where it all started

In 2003, my Dad suffered a heart attack. I watched him go and come out of surgery, it was devastatingly shocking.

Shocked out of my lethargic slumber, reality dawned on me, I realized that life was frail. We are like flickering candles snuffed out suddenly by our unhealthy lifestyles.

Knowing my family history didn’t help either, my grandfather, had died of a heart problem, my grandmother had died of a stroke, and now it seemed like my father would go out the same way.

I wasn’t willing to be part of that line up. I started going to the gym. But it wasn’t easy!

First, I had to go on a self-discovery journey, I was an accountant, then what? Now health comes before accounting — I wanted to excel at both. I realized I needed to work on my mind to transform my life.

I started gobbling up inspirational audios, voluminous self-help content. I was ravenous for information, I gathered it up and started living it, it was uncomfortable.

Climbing the uncomfortable Mountain

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

I went on a rigorous regime doing what I hated most, running. I ran a mile, every day. It was excruciating, it was all sweat and tears, but I was building a routine, a habit that became hard to break.

Month after month, I ran, I kept running, powered by the desire to live healthy.

I wanted to lose weight, get into shape, and have a body I would be proud of. I did pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks. I lifted weights, did bench presses, basically anything that would get me in shape.

I did these things over and over until it was second nature. I got to the point where I was hooked up and couldn’t stop.

The Healthy Accountant is born

Healthy living had become my lifestyle,

In 2009 I started the Account for Your Life Podcast, a daily dose of Bible based life advice backed by years of psychosomatic research, proven therapeutic techniques and decades of entrepreneurial business lessons.

My aim is to help millions of people across the globe get to their Next Level life.

In 2019 I authored a book Next Level Faith featured on the Next Level Podcast.

What do I write About?

I write about pragmatic life advice and share life-changing nuggets and principles, My mission is to help individuals, teams and organizations increase their levels of performance, productivity, and profitability.

Are you hungry, ready to transform and account for your life?

I’ll be starting a series titled – How Money Works, Cracking the Money Code. Please Join me.






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