About Jay

Hey, my name is Jay, I’m a tax Accountant, I help businesses entrepreneurs and startups with their tax Accounting, but that’s not who I am. Besides tax Accounting, I am The Healthy Accountant, – what does that mean?

Before telling you the story of how I became the healthy Accountant, let me give you a brief history of who I wanted to become growing up – We all have dreams, glorious dreams about our future, you too must have had a dream, you must have wanted to become something glamorous, especially in high school, what was your dream?

Jay wanted to be a doctor, yes I did! and it wasn’t because I was passionate about treating patients, nope, I had a far deeper reason, it was personal. I wanted to become a Doctor because it was my perfect plan to escape poverty.

I grew up in Newark, New Jersey, poverty was all around me, I wanted to escape the hood, a doctors pay would have helped me do that, but I hated anatomy, and didn’t enjoy biology lessons much, that was a dream killer, out the window my dream flew, what next?

The Accounting Dream

Accounting was lined up, it was the next coolest career promising paradise. I became an Accountant, but that’s not the story I want to tell you, let’s just say, have loved it this 20 plus years!

Now to the story, how I became the healthy Accountant, but first, what do I do as the healthy Accountant?

I help people, – entrepreneurs, individuals, families, professionals and businesses to transform. How? I remember as a little boy, I always wanted to help people live better lives. After I graduated and got my CPA as an accountant, I still had a void, I had this gnawing desire to do more, to help people more.

I wanted to help people have healthy bank balances and live healthy lifestyles. That desire became incessant after a life-threatening incident in 2003.

The turn around

In 2003, my Dad suffered a heart attack. I watched him go and come out of surgery, it was devastatingly shocking.

Shocked out of my lethargic slumber, reality dawned on me, I realized that life was frail. We are like flickering candles snuffed out suddenly by our unhealthy lifestyles.

Knowing my family history didn’t help either, my grandfather, had died of a heart problem, my grandmother had died of a stroke, and now it seemed like my father would go out the same way.

I wasn’t willing to be part of that line up. I started going to the gym. But wait a minute, it wasn’t that easy!

First, I had to go on a self-discovery journey, I was an accountant, then what? Now health comes before accounting – I wanted to excel at both. I realized I needed to work on my mind to transform my life.

The Lifestyle

I started gobbling up inspirational audios, voluminous self-help content. I was ravenous for information, I gathered it up and started living it, it was uncomfortable. I went on a rigorous regime doing what I hated most, running. I ran a mile, every day. It was excruciating, I would be lying if I said I enjoyed it, but I was building a routine, a habit that would be hard to break.

Month after month, I ran, I kept running, powered by the desire to live healthy. I wanted to lose weight, get into shape, and have a body I would be proud of. I did pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks. I lifted weights, did bench presses, basically anything that would get me in shape.

I did these things over and over until it was second nature. I got to the point where I was hooked up and couldn’t stop.

Healthy living had become my lifestyle, but I didn’t do it by myself, I was inspired by other greats, men like Dwayne Johnson aka ‘The Rock.’ Looking at his picture I was like wow! I would never have a body like his, that was reality check for me, I couldn’t be like Dwayne but I could be me, the healthy Accountant.

The Rebirth

In 2009 I started the Accountant for Your Life Podcast, a daily dose of Bible based life advice backed by years of psychosomatic research, proven therapeutic techniques and decades of entrepreneurial business lessons. My aim is to help millions of people across the globe get to their Next Level life.

In 2019 I authored the be bestselling book Next Level Faith featured on the Next Level Podcast –The phenomenal success of the podcast birthed a community of believers, entrepreneurs, professionals, mothers and teenagers, people who crave healthier bank balances, healthier lifestyles and healthier relationships.

I write about pragmatic life advice and share life-changing nuggets and principles in the Account for your life newsletter. Join millions of readers around the world . My mission is to help individuals, teams and organizations increase their levels of performance, productivity, and profitability.

Account for Your Life Family

We are a community of life conscious believers, a family of men and women, religiously diverse, ethnically mixed, racially connected, bound by a common desire to account for our Faith, Fitness, and Finances.

We believe Wealth creation, mental health, self-improvement is not for the privileged, but for every global citizen. Our commitment is to remove all barriers; spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional – barriers that stop people from transforming their lives.

We are here to remove EVERY barrier – mental, physical, emotional and financial – barriers that keep you from changing your life.

We understand that its human to resist change, rather than fight, we embrace change in baby steps incorporating it in our daily lives. We focus on strengthening the three pillars of healthy living:

Faith – Spiritual health

Fitness – Physical health

Finances – Financial health

Probably you are here because you are frustrated with your life, terrified of financial disaster, disillusioned with your goals, devastated by wrong decisions. Your Doctor’s prognosis has thrown your life into a spin, debt is spiraling out of control as financial disaster looms, your relationships have taken a pounding, and nothing seems to make sense anymore.

You’ve come to the right place. Join the Account for your life family today and we’ll get you kickstarted with a Healthy Accounting Resource Kit to start living a healthier focused life immediately.

Who we are

We are open and global. Regardless of where you are in your healthy living journey you can account for your life, you can become part of a worldwide community of committed transformers,

– a successful multitude of entrepreneurial believers enjoying the best of faith, fitness and financial advice.

We break down life lessons into principles.

Every principle draws lessons from God’s word, the Bible… we decipher these nuggets of wisdom in our daily lives. We commit to works our faith, exercise our bodies, and apply discipline to our finances to transform our lives.

Last words from Jay

One thing I can guarantee you – these principles work, they have worked in my life, I have seen them work in the lives of thousands, they will work in yours if you commit to putting them into practice.

This website is resource for fulfillment, peace and joy. We feature stories, tips and insights from our vibrant community and readers from all walks of life, and learn simple ways applicable in our complex lives

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Jay Moore