Don’t quit when life tanks, clarity of purpose is in your name, and in who you are

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What’s in a name? everything it appears. Your clarity of purpose is tied to your name, who you become is tied to your name, what you do is tied to your name. All that you become has something to do with your name.

The Jews know this, they have family names that depict who they are and what they do. For example, the Goldbergs’ are goldsmiths. They engage in gold and silver, their lives revolve around these metals because that’s who they are, that’s the lineage they come from.

When you know this simple secret, the power in a name, you can understand why Jews are rich and why they prosper financially. They teach every generation to understand where they come from and the meaning of their family name.

The power in a name

What does your family name represent? Your name affects the projection of your life

Your name carries value. For example, my parents named me Jay. Now the name ‘Jay’ means, ‘enlarge my territory, ‘he will go far,’ and ‘he loves opportunities.’

That’s what it means. I didn’t know that until I researched. From my birth I walked around with value, I carried this value but didn’t know it, until I discovered and tapped into the power that’s in the name, ’Jay.’

Then I researched my last name, ‘Moore.’ And it’s just that, it means ‘more.’ But whoever came up with the name added an extra ‘o’ to differentiate it from the word — more.

Now if my name means, — more, I should expect more, give more, live expecting more. I don’t have to worry about more because the name more will always get me more.

Do you see the pattern, how a name affects the trajectory of your life?

What is your name, do you know what it means? google and find out. Your name has a lot to do with your value, it has a lot to do with who you become. and where you are right now in life.

It’s not just your name but your environment too

But before blaming your name for everything that happens in your life, your too environment plays an important role in shaping your mindset. And when I say environment I mean both positive and negative environments.

We are often products of our environment. The environment teaches and shapes us, it takes away our individual identity, steals our uniqueness, and robs us of clarity of purpose.

Now environment here means how we are socialized by our parents, and caregivers, our upbringing and how it affects who we become.

Here is what I’m talking about, for a moment Imagine two babies born in the same house but raised by two different parents. These parents have different values, and different approaches to life.

This is what will happen. Even though those babies breathe the same air, eat the same food and sleep on the same bed, they’ll turn out different, why? because of their parent’s different value.

So why will those boys turn different in the same environment?

Here is the answer. It’s because they will learn differently. Even though they learn the same things, they will learn differently because they are being taught by two different people who uphold different values.

For example — if one baby is taught to pray and the other is taught to live by their wits, they will respond differently when confronted by pressures of life.

So, your clarity of purpose is shaped by your birth, your name, and your environment.

They all contribute to developing who you become.

A negative past will affect everything if you don’t deal with it

Your past may be full of negative stuff, — you didn’t have parents, you were raised by abusive parents, you didn’t have a home, etc. If you don’t deal with all that negative stuff it will affect who you become.

You have to deal with It — we all have this innate ability to condition our minds either positively or negatively.

Negative experiences can become pillars of strength if we decide to move beyond them. When we choose to disregard everything negative and instead turn all negativity into positive energy and fuel our dreams and desires. But you must first leave all the negative stuff in your past.

That’s probably the hardest thing for most people to do. Why? Because it’s easier to blame the past, its more comfortable to live in the past, and forget that your present is passing by.

It’s a lot easier to drag our negative past into the present and blame our failures on that past.

It’s more fun to say things like, ‘we struggled so much, we went through so much pain, and that’s why I am the way I am.’

The energy you use to drag that past into your present, is the same energy you need to work on your present.

When all you do is remember your miserable past, you will never work your way out of misery. Successful people choose to leave negative stuff in the past and instead focus on the present. They work their way out of negativity.

Work strategically not tactically

If you want to crawl out of that negative past you must move from working at a tactical level to working a strategic level, to do that you need clarity of purpose.

When you work at a tactical level, you remain at motion level, you go through the motions of doing. Doing the same things over and over because that’s all you know how to do.

Most of us dwell at the tactical level. We go through the motions of business or career, doing it over and over, again and again without thinking of why we are doing it. We get comfortable and fail to understand how it works.

Here is how working at a tactical level affected the trajectory of my life.

Some years back I was in the mortgage business. I was a mortgage broker doing well. I was making some good money, but I didn’t know what I was doing. I was operating at a tactical level.

I had a little team and all we did was process documentation. The bulk of our business came from some referral partners, they forwarded the applications, and we processed the paperwork. We were more like underwriters. We were simply making sure everything was working out.

I didn’t figure out how the market worked. (When you know the essence of something, how it works, you operate from a strategic level.) I wasn’t operating at the strategic level.

I figured that all we had to do was take on applications and all I knew was that some closed, others didn’t.

We made money on those that closed. I made a bunch of money, bought a big house, bought cars, and generally had a good time.

Fast forward, the mortgage market came crashing down. Suddenly the applications dried up. Everything came to a sudden standstill, and do you know what I did, I quit.

Looking back, that wasn’t the time for me to quit, but I quit because I was operating at a tactical level. I was going through motions without knowing the essence of what I was doing.

I didn’t know the dynamics of the mortgage market, and when I hit turbulence I quit, at the wrong time I may add. It wasn’t the time for me to quit, it wasn’t the time for me to throw in the towel. It was time to double down, roll up my sleeves and work harder. It was time to become strategic and take the market share.

But I quit because I didn’t have clarity of purpose. I quit because I was operating at a tactical level. People were still taking out mortgages, they were still asking for refinancing. I wouldn’t have quit if I was operating at a strategic level.

Here is a question for you, have you ever quit something when it wasn’t time to quit?

That’s what I did. I didn’t realize that my opportunity was in the market crash, I could get millions of dollars faster because most people had quit. There was less competition, less products, and less hassles.

The market was tougher, but that was an opportunity of a lifetime. People were still refinancing, they were still taking out mortgages, yet I quit.

I quit the market at the pinnacle of my opportunity because I didn’t have clarity of purpose.

Do you want to crack the money code? You need to work, but you also need clarity of purpose. You need to understand the essence of what you are doing, to operate at the strategic level, that’s how you grow your business, that’s how you grow in your profession.






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