Why “Account for Your Life”?


Sometimes our lives seem to be well planned out. We close the greatest deal of our lives, attend our dream school, marry our heart flame, get that dream job, and live happily forever!

Not so, the converse is actually true. Life doesn’t seem to align itself to our whims and wishes, not when we really want it to. Like a raging river rushing downstream, it throws unexpected twists and turns, seemingly insurmountable, – but it’s for a time.

We are living in one of those times, Lots of folks are finding themselves in unfamiliar terrain, recession and rumors of economic upheaval are suddenly rocking well planned financial excursions, families are having to adjust to a new reality,

While there is optimism in the air, valid dreams are being sacrificed for the desire to survive.

That doesn’t have to be you when you know how to account for your life. Uncertainty and fear, the ogres of pandemic after-effects shouldn’t take away your zest for life.

New times need transformational thinking, and that’s why this website is a place of transformation, it’s a place where we transform our minds, exercise our bodies, flex our finances, and build our spirituality.

Here is a question, are you ready to Account for and transform your life? Click on the magic link and learn how.

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This is a tricky time to run a business (or to be a human being), but there are ways we can navigate the environment gracefully, too.

The more complicated the world gets, the more chances we have to solve complicated problems.

Mainly, business is about solving problems.

They could be health problems or relationship problems or financial problems.

I’m seeing a lot of businesses that used to solve a relatively simple problem — and are now having trouble getting traction in a more complicated environment.

For almost five years now, I have been teaching the secrets in this book, in a daily podcast ‘The Healthy Accountant with Jay Moore’

It focuses on helping people. – Entrepreneurs, professionals, husbands, wives, teens, and singles learn how to transform their lives, go to new levels, and account for their lives.

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Every organism in nature lives as part of an ecosystem. And that’s true of business as well.

Potential clients and customers don’t line up neatly along an assembly line that turns strangers into buyers.

Instead, they wander along self-created paths that might — or might not — lead to working with you.

The more prominent you become in your ecosystem, the more paths will connect to you.

There are a lot of tried-and-true solutions in the world.

But when the environment becomes chaotic, sometimes they quit working well.

It doesn’t matter whether your project is amazingly successful now or has run out of fuel: you need to leave room for evolution and adaptation.

It’s a great move to lean out toward your ecosystem to get smarter and more resilient.

It’s also a great move to become the resource that lets other people in your ecosystem get smarter and more resilient.

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