Here is how to get new clients for your 20 Plus Accounting Business

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Every Accountant knows the stresses and strains of doing it right.

Analyzing and reporting financial statements, preparing tax returns, auditing accounts, acting as financial consultants in addition to myriads of other responsibilities.

We are so busy staying ahead of deadlines and keeping our clients happy that we forget the most crucial activity, getting new business through the door.

And because it’s never too late to start here are some things you can do as an accountant to get new clients, and your accounting business flourishing.

1. Get Blogging

I know most accounts aren’t wordsmiths, and writing comprehensives sentences that communicate emotion doesn’t walk on the same alley as reporting dry financial figures.

But blogging is an important skill, and you don’t have to do it yourself, you can hire somebody to do it, a freelancer.

Just make sure they understand your values and beliefs and they can communicate like you would. Many successful Accountants built their businesses almost entirely off the back of blogging, offering solutions, and fielding questions from potential clients.

Publish regularly blog posts about current trends in accounting software, tips for budgeting efficiently, tax information or any other helpful information for small businesses.

Learn about SEO and keywords, and write posts that show up in Google searches, to drive traffic to your website.

2. Apply the Strategy of Preeminence (SoP)

The Strategy of Preeminence championed by leading marketing strategist Jay Abraham boils down to “I’m not trying to sell to you — I want to serve you”

It’s about giving service, which draws people to work with you instead of your competitors.

Make your clients feel understood by giving them what they need, want, and deserve, earn their trust and they will get more business rolling through your door.

3, Upsell Existing Clients

To increase your profitability, you don’t have to concentrate mainly on bringing in new clients.

Instead, upsell the clients you already have. For instance, you can offer ongoing services to existing clients, such as payroll and auditing.

4. Cold call local businesses

Finally, if you are a business accountant, cold call local businesses and reach out to those clients who have not expressed previous interest in your accounting services.

This is a cheap method to inform your potential audience of your services and create personal connections with them.

Cold calling is a quick strategy for B2B clients. Here are two books that helped me with this:

  • Jeb Blount: Fanatical Prospecting
  • Mike Weinberg: New Sales Simplified

Increasing your firm’s profitability is not easy, but it’s possible — if you know what to do. These four strategies put into practice should get your business roaring again.

They aren’t by means the only strategies, but you’ve got to start from somewhere, start.

Put then into practice and start seeing, some prospects warming up to your services. I will be sharing weekly strategies to help you grow your business.






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