In a dynamic world full of business ideas from different market niches. It’s cut-throat competition for everyone. Not all businesses can succeed – only the innovative and risk-taking entrepreneurs survive.

Here are four pointers – key entrepreneurship components that separate survivors from losers:

  1. Innovation

“The value of an idea lies in its use” said celebrated inventor and ideas mogul Thomas Edison.

As an entrepreneur, you are compelled to generate new ideas to constantly assess existing modes and models of business pursuits, practices, and conventions that work.

Being innovative enhances performance and quality in your business operations, it helps you to weld new methods and decisive systems ahead of your competitors, in a rapidly changing world of business.

2. Organization

Entrepreneurship is a dynamic economic activity, therefore, successful entrepreneurs require the skill of organization in order to excel, grow and promote efficiency.

Organizational skills speed up your growth, they are like oil, and they help you run your daily operations smoothly.

Besides, an organized enterprise creates a good working environment for employees. Happy employees mean happy customers, not forgetting that you manage your finances better. An efficient organization builds social capital -a good rapport between customers and the enterprise.

3. Risk

Business is a risky adventure, most entrepreneurs will testify to this. On the flip side, the quintessence of entrepreneurship lies in the degree and readiness to assume risks. Taking risks in the hyper-competitive world of business is an adventurous journey that most entrepreneurs are willing to take no matter the cost.

A word of caution, however – taking excessive uncalculated risks will not make you a ‘super entrepreneur’. You will expose your business to huge financial losses that may lead to your closing down. Analyze and count the cost of losing out on the risk.

4. Vision

Abhishek Shukla Managing Director of Global Venture is quoted as saying this about vision – “The only difference between success and failure is a lack of Vision” – Running your business blindly is like driving in the dark without lights – you will definitely be driving towards your doom. Goal setting is the lights – successful entrepreneurs constantly drive towards a goal

These could be short-term or long-term goals. An entrepreneur who has a strong vision is able to predict business trends and make future plans requisite for business growth.

In conclusion, analogously speaking, entrepreneurship is an adventure that involves taking risks to action ideas into actual business ventures.

Are you ready to embrace these four key elements of entrepreneurship? They are the reason successful entrepreneurs experience mind-blowing success.






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