A lot of times when I’m doing the podcasts I get nervous and just want to bump it. But the vacuum’s pull is irresistible, I find myself switching on the Mic and the recorder and before I know it, I’m live on air.

It’s the pull and not the push that makes me do it. Over the years, I have gotten to the point where I don’t push myself anymore. It’s now become second nature to jump in the podcast every morning.

Why do I do it? Because I can see the opportunity. I don’t know who I’m going to be a blessing to today, or whose life I’m going to help change. So I have to do it for the sake of everyone who will listen.

It’s like when God showed Moses the bigger picture – God told him, ‘you will be my mouthpiece. You will lead millions of people,’  Moses was aghast, he didn’t know how he was going to do that.

But God gave him an unthinkable solution, He told him,  ‘you got something in your hand, I’m going to use that that to bring you through and lead the children of Israel from Egypt to the promised land.’

That’s what he did, with Moses’s staff, He led the Israelites from captivity to the land of promise.

Moses’ story became the greatest jump that ever happened in history.

The guy wasn’t great at anything. He wasn’t a great speaker, yet he convinced Pharaoh to set the Israelites free, he wasn’t a proficient scholar, yet he became the greatest writer of all time. He didn’t know how to lead, yet God made him a great leader.

Our lives are little rehearsals to eternity.  Moses discovered how to use his opportunity and live on through eternity.

How do we live on through eternity? We must trust God. He gives the power to jump. Every living person has been given the opportunity of a lifetime. God has good plans for all of us.






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