How Money Works, Crack the Money Code

Understanding the ‘How’ of Money

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Let’s talk about Money, crispy 100-dollar bills in your hands. And, no, I don’t want to give you free money, or tell you about some get rich wacko scheme, or load you up with the newest, fast, and easy moneymaking schemes in town.

We are all tired of copious articles enticingly titled, “The 5 proven money-making tricks that will make you an instant millionaire” we’ve all been there, clicked on the title. Yeah, tell me, who doesn’t want to be an instant millionaire?

We clicked on the article, scanned the whole thing with a fine toothbrush, for the trouble, — came out with furrowed brows, scratching our heads, wondering if we missed something. That’s when we realized, the article was a fad, a clickbait fad, that spewed nothing but hot air.

No this is not clickbait, this is real money related information proven to work, from the Healthy Accountant, that’s me, a real-life Accountant who has spent a great chunk of his life, twenty plus years, reading deciphering, and breaking down financial statements, learning how to crack the money code.

What I want to share with you for the next four weeks, is a code. Money has a code, the acquiring of money the legal way that is. It’s hidden in a code, and we are going to crack it.

But it’s not for everyone, only those who say, “I’m tired of my station in life, I’m willing to do anything to crack the money code, I want to attract crazily copious amounts of money!”

If that’s you, strap in, we are going on a journey, a money-finding journey. I’m going to open up years of sweat, the results of a personal money study. The discovery of what separates the poor from the rich, and it’s all hidden in a code.

And I’m going to tell you all about it and how to crack the code. That’s for everyone saying, ‘I want to crack this code.’

Let’s go on a self-reflective journey and open secret financial treasure vaults.

But I know it might not be for everyone. If money and the sweat of how to make money doesn’t interest you, click on something else that doesn’t have the tag ‘work’ to it.

First a moment of introduction, for my new readers, I’m Jay Moore, ‘The healthy Accountant,’ what do I do? I help you to account for your life, and in this articles aptly titled ‘How Money Works, Crack the Money Code’ I want to speak from my heart. Share with you my life story, reveal to you ‘the how of money.’

For the next 30 days, I’m going to help you know about an ancient code. A money code, capriciously responsible for copious levels of poverty.

Ever wondered why some people flourish regardless of their station in life, while others barely make ends meet? There is a money code and secrets of how to crack the code.

For many years I was a regular Accountant, crunching numbers, balancing books checking cash flows, and doing all the routine stuff accountants do. But nothing transformational happened to my own cash flow until I cracked the secret of eons, — The Money Code.

Now before telling you about the money code let me first share with you How I became The Healthy Accountant helping people instead of a regular Accountant achingly crunching numbers.

Here’s what got me from a state of financial mediocrity to the start of building a multi-million business. It was a simple thought process, a mind shift that threw open financial floodgates taking me from barely paying bills to earning hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you are asking what happened Jay? read on tomorrow as I continue with the series; How Money Works, Cracking the Money Code.






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