We are energy sources. We permeate both positive and negative energy.

Just like Meko, Pepco, and Washington gas supply energy to homes, We permeate energy. The frequency at which we supply this energy is regulated by our environment.

You tend to gravitate towards people with the same energy frequency. Think of the friends you have, the people you hang out with, the church you go to, the people you hire.

The energy you carry operates at a certain frequency. It seeks out and connects to people who operate on the same frequency.  It also repels people operating on a different frequency.

Former President Donald Trump paid a tax of $750 despite being a billionaire, the public was mad. – How could he pay that little in tax?

But what they don’t know is that  Trump operates on a different financial frequency. Most people including politicians don’t operate on his frequency.

He knows different ways of saving money on taxes. Looking at what he did as a tax accountant – seeing him pay $750 in taxes, and knowing it’s all legal, I’m like, ‘man, that’s good!’

But of course, most people operating from a different frequency say, ‘that’s terrible.’ They wonder how he could make all that money and only pay a negligible portion to taxes.

But here is what you have to know, -Trump didn’t do it by himself, his energy source influences people around him. He’s employed smart people who understand tax law.

Their job is to save their boss from paying too much money in taxes. Trump’s energy level affects his decision.






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