How to grow Your Accounting Business and get more clients

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Accountants are really good with figures, — cash flow, book keeping and balance sheets, profit and loss statements, that’s what they do all day long, that’s natural, that’s like a duck in water. But most accountants aren’t good at one critical skill, they aren’t good marketers.

And, because they don’t know how to get clients walking in through the door, most accountants live a frugal life, as bean counters.

It isn’t interesting, it’s frustrating especially if you consider the hours of study every accountant has to put in to become certified.

But that isn’t for everyone, when you know how to tweak your accounting business, your narrative will change. How do I know this? Just like you, I’m an accountant, CPA, have been these last 20 — plus years.

Over the years I have accumulated an arsenal of skills and experience, the most critical being — how to grow a flourishing accounting firm.

My business has grown, astronomically I would say, and all because I learned a few things that I’ll be sharing with you in a series of articles — strategies and success habits. So let’s dive into it:

1. Build Relationships — learn from successful insurance Agents

A simple trick successful insurance people use is to put the interest of others first, they rarely talk about their business, but will go out of their way to understand what problems their prospects may be having, then find ways of solving those problems.

They become solution providers, because a lot of business development in insurance is relationship based. Golf outings, dinners, ribbon-cutting, conferences, drinks, etc.

As an accountant its really comfortable living tacked away in your office tapping your calculator, blissful, wondering why you aren’t seeing growth in your business.

Start building meaningful relationships get out, spend some days attending events hosted by your prospects, attend their conferences, dine out, and find out their pain points, don’t pitch your business, offer solutions instead.

2. Deliver value in a Newsletter

How do you offer solutions to your prospects pain points?

A newsletter should help you do that, start a newsletter that delivers weekly value, in your prospects inbox. I’m assuming you have a website, if you don’t, start by building a niched website, more on that later.

A newsletter is like your free billboard, the more valuable information you provide, the more people will sign up, and the more trust you will build, which translates to more clients signing up for your services.

Build a theme for your Newsletter, something like — how to build a scalable business, or curate news and write about industry happenings, or share business tips targeted at your niched audience. To do that you have to research, mingle and learn your prospects pain points, then write on that, weekly or bi weekly.

3. Hang out with your prospects on Social Media

Accounting is demanding, your time is valuable and you may not know much about social media, but do you know your average prospect is spending time on cyber space — do you know where they hang out?

Digital marketing is the new buzzword, social marketing for accountants may not be trending, but that depends on who your audience is, if they are young and techno savvy get to know where they hang out. Is it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok or LinkedIn?

Then improve your online presence, share helpful information. Don’t just share information that advertises your firm or promotes your website, share likeable and shareable information, what your audience can, — like on, comment and share with others. Let that info be consistent.

Target to get engagement and spin information you collect into more posts. That’s how I came to write this article from my audience’s engagement.

And while we are still on social media, get your posts trending by pinning them to popular hashtags.

4. Networking Meetups

For older Accountants, sages who aren’t comfortable being techno savvy, and frolicking on social media, stick to the good old ways, network meetups are still a staple of Accounting marketing, they still work.

Just make sure you are good at schmoozing, and can engage in hearty laughter. Your audience should find you pleasing and agreeable enough to want to do business with you.

Its more time consuming though, if you asked me, and the cost to benefit ratio may not be worth it, but it responds to a basic human need, face to face interactions. A need that still sticks with us despite leapfrog technological advancement.

Let me end this article here, if you enjoyed reading, stick with me, I promised to write a series of articles to help accountants and anyone engaged in financial markets grow their business. I will be doing that in a couple of weeks posting an article each week.

If you are a realtor I have some special money making tips for you, and its free.

Until then, Good Luck!






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