The business world is an interesting place, and that’s because making money comes with a hefty price and it’s not hard work.

To help you understand what I’m talking about, let me start with an interesting story, that opened my eyes to the reality of business.

I was on the phone, the other day with one of my clients, and he made a statement, he is in the construction business, and it’s not all rosy out there. He had been awarded some contracts, with real big money, but there was a catch, he has to finance the contracts, and then wait to get paid.

Because that’s how the industry operates, the contractor comes to the table, gets the deal, and then has to bill for their work.

The problem is when a contractor gets a 10 million dollar contract, and doesn’t have that kind of money to his name.

The tricky part about Making Money

Ideally, the principal is supposed to give 50% upfront but they don’t, and that’s because they want to weed out competition.

So my client tells me he’s got some contracts but has to figure out how to get them financed. Because he has to hire people, pay his payroll, buy the equipment, and buy supplies.

Think about that, he has been awarded a lucrative deal, but now he has a financial burden. He has to go out and spend a lot of money just to fulfill it. What happens if he doesn’t have the money?

That’s how the world operates. Every opportunity that has money tagged to it comes with a condition, to shift your paradigm.

You need a plan to magnetize money

My client was stressed out, trying to work out multiple lines of credit to secure the contracts. But he said something else, He shared how he was going to shift the paradigm.

And that’s what I want to talk about in this article, shifting the paradigm anytime a money-making opportunity presents itself.

First, you’ve got to identify the paradigm, then you’ve got to know what’s working in your favor.

My client created a plan (that is not the subject of this article,) He identified the paradigm in his industry and shifted it. Suddenly his business was flourishing, he could finance the contracts.

You need money-making skills

That experience taught me an important lesson when looking at money-making opportunities, but, you encounter resistance or some kind of barrier, you need to find a way to mitigate it. How do you change the situation into a win-win for everybody?

You need to create a win-win for everybody so that nobody feels taken advantage of. That takes skill, actually three skills, I think it’s two skills because the third is the outcome.

The most important skill is selling. You need to become a master salesperson, it doesn’t matter whether you are a writer, web developer, choreographer, opera singer, or mortician, you have to sell your gifts and talents to a receptive audience.

How marketing will get you making money

And that’s where the first ability to magnetize money comes in, you need to become adept at marketing. Everyone flying high in any industry, career, or profession is a master marketer, they know how to create a win-win situation for everybody.

But being a good marketer without understanding management won’t get you anywhere, and that’s the second skill you must possess, management. You’ve got to understand management, know how to manage your skills, how to manage time, and how to manage people.

Actually, this skill is the biggest paradigm shift because management especially people management is the highest level of service, everything you’ve got to do and attract money hinges on your ability to manage.

Successful Marketing will get people talking about you, that’s how you get people to know you have something of value that could be a win for them. And that’s one of the things these articles will you help you do, market yourself and attract more money.

Because when you can market successfully you will become money magnetized. You will take what you have and start selling it, managing it, marketing it, and that’s how you suddenly start attracting money. Money will start flowing in your life because you’ve successfully sold your skills.

Take away

As money starts to flow you need to know how to keep most of it. And that’s where my skills come in. Because you need to know how to account for your life, account for your business, and account for your finances. And that’s my mission. That’s my goal. That’s who I am.

Every year I run a tax-free wealth challenge, created to equip everyone selling, with critical tax skills, But here is the catch, it’s not for everyone, and I have a waiting list, but I would love you to check it out.






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