Stake your claim, set up shop, and sweat towards your goals to attract money

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The scriptures are filled with ancient wisdom, the kind you don’t get reading any other book. They are a golden trove just waiting to be discovered, a treasure mine of success secrets.

The other day I was reading, the good book, learning how to crack the money code, A scripture jumped out at me. It was an eye opener about getting — how to get stuff. Reading that scripture, something happened it was if if I got new insight into how to make money.

The scripture I was reading is, Proverbs 4:7 and it says, “‘The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.”

This article is not a bible study, so relax and read on — we are discovering secrets of how to crack the money code, attract money, make more money and succeed in life.

Where else can we get the greatest money advise than to go to the source, our creator?

Why you need wisdom to make money

So when reading that scripture, what jumped out was that we ought to do everything to get wisdom, but wisdom is not the main thing, wisdom is a byproduct of something.

Wisdom opens your eyes to limitless opportunities to make money. It helps you to know how to exchange your talents, skills, and business acumen for money .Because money in its basic term is a medium of exchange. To attract money, you must have something of value you want to exchange.

A supermarket doesn’t need to knock on your door and ask you to come buy groceries. No, all they do is open a store and stock up their shelves with stuff you definitely want to buy, then they throw the doors open and soon you come walking in, looking for groceries. But you must have something to exchange for those groceries, you must have money.

Money is spiritual but it flows towards somebody who has to set something up for exchange. The Supermarket set up their operations first before they could receive any money.

They did their market research to discover business potential, like how many people are in the area? How many other supermarkets are operating in the area, and who they are? They wanted to know if there are other supermarkets in the area, and which supermarket people frequent most, is it Safeway, Walmart or Giant?

They armed themselves with this knowledge because they were seeking understanding, they wanted to know how to attract more money to their business.

Why you need understanding to succeed in life

Everything you do should come to one word, intention. Intention is what laid the foundation of the world, its why God created the world, He had an intention to create. Its the ‘why’ of creation.

intention is everything, when you know your intention, you will not allow distractions. You will get rid of everything else and zero in on intention to achieve that specific goal.

What’s your reason for wanting money? Let me ask that differently, What’s that specific goal you want to achieve in life? What is your intention?

But there is a price for intention, You have to be willing to live up to your own intentions, to pay the price and to be determined not to fail.

No one is going to care when you don’t reach your goals. No, one’s going to care when you don’t crack the code of money, except maybe your wife, husband, or your kids

Stake a claim to attract money

Everybody is not doing what you are doing. You have to know and build goals around your intention. Then you have to pay the price for that intention, walk through the pain of that intention, and work hard towards that intention!

We are created for a specific purpose. Every human being is hardwired for a specific intention. That’s what directs the purpose of your life.

The proverb, says in all, your getting get wisdom, but if it costs you, everything get understanding. You must understand intention, and get wisdom, because when you have understanding and have wisdom with intention, thats what will give you victory, that’s what will attract money.

Here’s the interesting thing about o money. It doesn’t go to the people who merely want it.

Money goes to the people who are willing to set up shop, it goes to the people who are willing to stake a claim, people who are willing to open a shop, to learn a new trade or to equip themselves with skills.

Make an Exchange to Attract Money

Here is something else, You don’t just get money, you make an exchange you, you give something valuable in exchange for money.

When you stake a claim, in business or in your profession, when you stake a claim to attract money, you will be tested. You will have to use more resources, sacrifice more time, sweat every inch of the way and, and labor hard to bring that dream to fruition.

The scriptures say, “And if it costs you everything get understanding” — Are you ready to get understanding, to stake your claim? Are you willing to pay the price? What valuable product or service are you willing to exchange for money?






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