The Ancient Jewish Secret of How Money Works

Crack the Money Code

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Yesterday I started a series, a transformational journey to the “How’ of Money. Today we take the proverbial first step to the ‘Chinese journey of a thousand miles.’

This is the story of my life:

Like most of us, I was stuck in a money rut, I realized I needed help. I needed to take a critical step that could shift my life. So I went on a soul-searching mission.

Three questions kept ringing in my mind;

· How do I move from where I am to where I want to be?

· How do I get to a new level?

· And the most nagging of all was, how do I change?

Seeing that you have read this far, you definitely want to crack the money code. Here is a question for you. Why do you want money? Wanting money is great we all want money to live.

But I guess what I’m asking is, ‘why do you want to be fabulously wealthy?’

When reality hits you, that your life needs to change, you must know why. Why do you want more money, and what do you want to do with it?

Don’t get me wrong, wanting money is good, Money helps us to do things that transform people’s lives. I decided I wanted more of it, why? because I wanted to change people’s lives.

What does it take to change your thinking?

God created us in his image He created us with abilities hidden inside of us, we unravel and discover these abilities when we engage the thinking gear. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Thinking is hard work, and most times it’s not our fault.

We have been conditioned by our environments, our culture, and our communities, to think in a certain way.

We are comfortable accepting status quo, accepting what society has taught us, and conforming to our environment.

Have you ever wondered why certain communities like the Jews always flourish financially no matter where they might be?

The answer lies in their thinking, what they have been taught to believe. They get to know some things that people from other communities don’t know.

The first key to cracking the money code is engrafted in change, changing your beliefs. Jewish children are taught the right money-making beliefs.

But what happens to most of us who come from backgrounds where nobody taught us how to think in a certain way, how do we change our mindset and crack the code?

Thankfully we all have access to the one book that unravels the mysteries of wealth creation, the Bible.

When you read the Bible to discover ancient wealth creation secrets your mindset will change.

That change affects your attraction to money because in order to have more, earn more, have more money, you must become more, think more, and find out how to create more. That’s how you develop a deep desire to attract wealth.

That desire then unlocks the need to change. You have to decide to change, that decision is the first key to your money-making transformation.

Now let’s get to cracking the code, — three secrets that will turn your decision to change into reality.

Secret no 1 — Your desire.

You have to figure out, dig out the hidden desire within. Write that desire down, you may discover several desires, write them down.

But don’t confuse desire and want. Those two are different.

Desire emanates from your core. It’s God-given, a longing in your Spirit that just won’t fade away.

Read on as a delve deeper into money-making mysteries average people don’t know;






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