The Hidden money code, How your Mind and Faith Create Money

How to Crack the Money Code

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Your Faith, The Bible and the desire for business

We are talking about becoming a creator, business creator, a content creator, creator of stuff, a creator of wealth. And it all starts in your mind.

That’s why you should answer this question — Are you absolutely clear that you want to crack the money code? Then figure out something, figure out what you want to create, go back into the recess of your mind and create a business. Translate that desire into a business.

The focus of your Business should be people

Then think charity. You must be charitable. But you can only give after you create. And that’s why business is selfless. Successful business people give. Want to why? because business is about touching people’s lives, positively.

Now you know why not every business can break the billion barrier. Not even a hundred million. It would be nice if everyone could operate a 100-million-dollar business, but that’s not the reality.

Do you know why? It’s partly because not everyone wants to operate a business empire or become a millionaire. But mostly because most start up entrepreneur’s care more about how much money they can make, and NOT how many people’s lives their business will change.

That’s like focusing on the hole in the doughnut and not the dough. The dough is all you need, the dough is people, the dough is the doughnut, money in the bank.

Let your faith be the wind in your sails

When you focus on people, when you create to make an impact, when you desire to see change, you activate faith.

Yes, your faith is connected to your ability to create. Now, a lot of times as Christians we think of changing people’s lives — by hitting them on the head with scriptures.

Scriptures are good, we’ve got to know them, quote them and live by them. But oftentimes we barely affect people’s lives when all we do is give them the Bible, preach the gospel and pray for them. Those things are good we need to do them, but there is more.

There is more to scriptures. There is a better way than just hitting them over the head with scriptures, that’s not how we transform their lives.

And do you know why? Scripture is contextual it gives different perspectives according to your beliefs. That’s why you should know its applicability.

I have been reading some books, Thou Shall prosper and Business secrets, biblical business secrets of success by a Jewish Rabbi his name is Rabbi Daniel Lappin.

We all know that Jewish people are the custodians of scriptures especially the first five books in the Bible. They have more insight into the Bible, the Torah. They know more of the old testament than an average Christian. Now Rabbi Daniel as a Jewish teacher lays down uncommon spiritual insight.

In one of his books, Thou Shall prosper, I think, he makes this phenomenal statement, he says, ‘Abraham wasn’t the only person asked by God to leave his country — God calls every person to leave their country and go to a land he will show them.’ — We are all called by God to leave and go. Where? I can hear you ask.

Here is what he says, — In the Hebrew language the word for business or profession can be translated as ‘man of faith.’

He explains that every business person, or professional goes out in faith. They go out to start a business or work in their profession. They do something, sell something, create something, or build something. To earn a living, to take care of their family, to change people’s lives, to impact families and to affect communities.

Think of successful business founders, Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, Jeff Bezos who people thought was crazy when he took a failing industry, books and put them online. He didn’t stop there he went into AI.

And now, his company powers a behemoth e commerce platform, selling everything. From shovels to space rockets, beauty products, to shirt buttons, and everything in between — Electronic gadgets and every conceivable device, just drop into Amazon.

Now think of Steve Jobs the man with a deep spiritual desire to connect to his creator a quest that took him to India. That desire, trying to live the life of a monk, brought to reality what everybody told him was impossible, the smart phone in your hand.

All these men and women, Entrepreneurs and visionary business Moghuls, stepped out in faith, not knowing if their ventures will flop. Some didn’t know scriptures, but they were operating from a realm of faith. They weren’t quoting scriptures, but their faith was in their works.

Want to crack the money?

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a professional -go out in faith and create something, work on something to activate your faith.






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