This one Habit by Warren Buffet Could (Potentially) Make You a Millionaire

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Warren Buffet the mogul billionaire, lives an eccentric life.

Without being unconventional, he is frugal, focused, and meticulous.

His odd billionaire habits have been splashed all over the internet. And I wouldn’t want to join the fray of swooning fans who regurgitate everything that’s been said.

But here’s is one habit nobody talks about that keeps him loving his life, and has made him a billionaire, –

He has been quoted saying, “I spent most of my time reading and thinking,” that made me curious I wanted to know about this curious habit.

Photo by Tamarcus Brown on Unsplash

Warren Buffets Habit found in The scriptures

So I started listening to his interviews, and in one of them, he said he spends six hours of his waking life just reading and thinking and that’s every day.

Put that into perspective, to Warren Buffet, already a billionaire, reading and thinking is so important that, half of his day is taken up doing an activity most of us don’t have time for.

Here is a question, do you spend any time at all, reading and thinking? Don’t answer, we all know the answer, and it goes something like, “I’m busy right now,” “I have got a 9 to 5,” “I got so much going on right now…” etc. etc.

Warren Buffet discovered an ancient wealth creation code. It’s a code hidden in plain sight, in the scriptures, — Proverbs 3:13 say, ‘Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding.’

The scriptures talk of finding wisdom and gaining understanding. When you read and think something happens to your thought process, a depth of understanding occurs, hidden mysteries suddenly unravel and complex matters begin to make perfect sense.

And that’s not all that’s promised in the scriptures, there is more, — here is what they say,

“Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold. She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her.”

The Kind of Wisdom found Warren Buffet Style

Okay this isn’t scriptural talk, but I want to show you a secret Warren Buffet discovered from the scriptures;

The first thing you’ve got to understand is that money is a resource. It’s a medium of exchange by which we get value. Money in itself is value less, it only gains value when you can exchange it for something.

Here’s something else– money loves wisdom, its attracted to anyone who is loaded with wisdom. And not just any kind of wisdom, it’s attracted to what I call ‘money wisdom,’ — the ability to understand the workings of money.

That kind of wisdom is not taught in any school, its learned through reading and thinking, Warren Buffet style.

Actually school and society has it all wrong, they teach you to work hard in school get good grades, get a good job, get paid and live in ulalala land.

Or if you are entrepreneurial inclined, start a business, work hard at it, pray that it succeeds make a bunch of money and join the flashy money minting club of new millionaires.

Still that’s not what the scriptures teach. Nobody tells you to read and think before you launch into your business or career. Nobody tells you that to attract money, you must first gain wisdom about money.

And that’s why we start businesses without thinking through the processes, without setting up systems and creating ways to ensure success.

Why you should create a Habit of Reading and Thinking

Reading and thinking is extremely valuable. It’s the source of wisdom. The bible says, when you get this kind of wisdom you have gained something more valuable than rubies, silver or gold. Its value cannot be equated to diamonds, to onyx, or or to any precious metal. Think about that!

And the reason for that is about what this wisdom comes with, verse 16, says, ‘long life is in her right hand, and in her left hand are riches and honor!’

I don’t want to sound preachy, but I have just showed you how to crack the money code!

Why you should Read Life’s Blue Print to succeed

Now the Bible is life’s blueprint, an instructions manual that reveals answers to common problems. — Poverty is a problem, being broke is a problem, how to get money is the solution.

And, the answer is in the blue print, the scriptures, Warren Buffet discovered the how of money, he discovered what most people ignore, or are too busy to practice, he discovered how to get wisdom and gain understanding.

Knowledge and wisdom comes from books, So Warren Buffet says, ‘I spend six hours a day reading and thinking’ — he doesn’t understand why most business owners, don’t do what he does, yet they expect to make as much money as he does, that isn’t possible.

He wonders, ‘they don’t even do this, yet they’re running businesses. And I’m sitting here reading and thinking, and I got more money in all of them.’

The Process of Reading and Thinking

Think about that, just by thinking you can manifest everything you want in your life. You can create your dream life, just by thinking, you can become a co-creator with the creator, just by using your thoughts.

And you know why? your thought process is a seed that sprouts, bringing to life everything you think about. But here’s the thing, every thought requires action.

Yes, action! you’ve got to act on the thought to bring it into reality. You’ve got to work, sweat it out, roll your sleeves and get to the good old grind. But it will be fruitful work because, you’ve thought through the process.

Time, The Multiplier of Thinking

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe” said Abraham Lincoln talking about preparation. Think about time, Warren Buffet takes a huge chunk of his time, six hours in a day reading and thinking, sharpening his axe.

Now I know not everybody can do what Warren buffet does, you might be saying, I can’t sit around reading and thinking for six hours, I got a job. Okay then you better use your lunch hour, you better start doing some reading and thinking early in the morning just before going to work.

You better stay up late, reading and thinking, just don’t say you don’t have time, because you’ve got plenty of time, curve it from your day. The time you spend watching T.V shows, on social media, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook reels, curve out all that time and spend it reading and thinking.

In closing, Read and think, get information, get knowledge about things that you need to know, learn from books and get wisdom because the scriptures say, blessed are those who find wisdom.

That kind of wisdom will cost you, it will cost you money, it will cost you time, it might cost you everything, but focus on finding it because, it will open the treasure vaults of money.






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