Why Charity is not Business and why you should Create a business to touch lives

Crack The Money Code Series

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We started a journey last week, to crack the money code, everybody wants money, right?, but not everybody gets it. And it’s interesting, some people attract loads of it, others barely scrape by. Have you ever wondered why?

There is a code, plain sight secretive, obviously un assuming yet vital to money. Because it powers the flow of money, the economies, the financial markets, the stocks, the world food program, United Nations, Multinationals and your next door Walmart.

Certain communities know the code; they flourish because they have broken the secret to the code. Ancient Jewish culture cracked the code, Jewish child learn while still tender, barely out of diapers, they learn the ‘how’ of money.

When they are young, still to comprehend the vagaries of life, a Jewish child learns these three things;

  1. His or her inborn desire,
  2. A commitment to give, and
  3. The discipline to work hard — a daily action plan to plug away.

Now let’s talk a little bit more about giving, the backbone of charities, foundations, and the reason behind giving pledges. Talking of pledges, do you have a personal giving pledge?

Everybody loves charity, it feels so good when you can do something for somebody who will never pay you back. Have you ever given to somebody like that? How did it feel?

Giving is not just optimally satisfying, its serenely rewarding. The only epitome, call it pinnacle of success. Billionaires finding no other satisfaction in their wealth, make giving pledges. Its the only thing that gives meaning to building massive money empires.

A lot of people think charity is better than business, but you can’t be charitable without business. Business creates money that flows into charitable, there is no charitable organization that doesn’t receive its resources from some business venture.

Entrepreneurs create, they follow a vision to build a business that will create, a product or service. You’ve got to be a creator, that’s who God created you to be. A creator. He created you to create stuff.

Everything around you is a product of creation. Somebody had the foresight to think and bring that laptop, phone, camera, car, Jacuzzi and space rocket into reality, it was first an idea, a seed of inspiration.

Then it was fanned by thoughts, and germinated into reality precipitated by somebody’s sweat.

Every appliance in your house, and everything that gives us modern comforts. All the gadgets we can’t live without were once in buried in someone’s mind.

Somebody actually created that product out of their mind. That includes services like banks, shipping lines, online platforms, social media, and Tiktok — They are all manifestations of a dream.

Do you want to crack the money code? Figure out what you will create and create business.

Then think charity. Business is about touching and affecting people’s lives.

Read on as we delve deeper into why you should live a giving lifestyle….






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