Jesus spoke of where we should build our foundation. He gave a metaphorical story of two people who built their houses. One built on a rock and the other on sand.

When the storms came the house on the rock stood like a citadel. But the house built on sand, lashed by the storms, tottered and collapsed into a heap of rubble.

That’s what happens when you put your trust in the foundation of money.

Your faith cannot withstand the lashing of the storms of life. The pandemic has been a wake-up call. It has proved that money cannot save your life.

The world financial systems have been shaken. Suddenly everyone with some money is worried about losing their wealth. And it’s not just in the United States, it’s all over the world.

The United States is like the Mecca of the world’s financial systems. if it’s shaken, countries all over the world are shaken too.

Holding the dollar bill in my hand, it’s as if money was speaking to me. Yes, money is speaking, telling us, “Put your trust in God and not in me – if you put your trust in me your faith is as good as your bank balances!”

That’s how fleeting our faith in money is – when we put our trust in anything else except God, we are like a  house built on sand. Putting our trust in institutions, in politicians, governments, or our own abilities won’t save us.

As world-systems reel under the pandemic. God is still working behind the scenes. He is calling, He wants us to put our trust in Him.






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