I was reading the Bible, soaking in timeless wisdom, reading this story about a widow. This widow didn’t have much, her husband had died and left her in debt.

Her creditors weren’t letting up, they had given her an ultimatum, “pay up, or we take your children and sale them off as slaves.”

That sounds unfair, but in those days, widows were in trouble. They owned nothing. She had nothing to her name, so she figured she could get help from the man of God, the prophet. She figured he was connected to the source.

Now before telling you the story. This is what was happening – I was reading this story thinking about – opportunity, wondering how opportunities present themselves. I pulled out something from that story.

Opportunities pop up everywhere, sometimes in the most unlikely situations. They pop up every time we have to make a choice.

Every time circumstances push us to an uncomfortable place and we choose to see and think differently about the situation we create an opportunity. Your eyes open to a new realm of possibilities that you had not noticed before.






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