Why you are not making more money in your business despite the hard work

The Ultimate Strategy to Making money

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We all know what’s going on.

The world is reeling from the effects of a pandemic, compounded by a war nobody foresaw, the Ukrainian war, coupled with steep food prices, yawing gasoline prices, sweltering heat waves, and rising inflation, united in a concerted effort, threatening a world wide economic recession nobody wants.

Now, this is neither a doomsday article nor a financial prediction about the effects of global warming. It’s an article about money, cracking the money code, and if you don’t know what that means, I am on a series, actually, I have been on this series for quite some time now.

A daily podcast, The Healthy Accountant, where I talk about money and Start-up sanity to wealth creation.

More succinctly I’m on a healthiness mission, the health of your business, the health of your finances, and your health of course.

So let’s dig into it. I’m talking about knowledge, money knowledge, and I have a question for you, do you need more knowledge of how to make money? And here is my take:

The World Doesn’t Need More Knowledge

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, if you don’t know who he is, read my previous article, he wrote a book, Business Secrets from the Bible, it’s a gem, all about success secrets. (disclaimer — I don’t have an affiliate link to the book)

Rabbi Lapin’s book opened my eyes to knowledge, specifically why the world doesn’t need more knowledge.

And there is a reason for that. We have access to more knowledge than any other generation that has ever walked the face of the earth.

What do we do with all of that knowledge? we trash it. Think about it. We have knowledge about the dangers of smoking but people still smoke, knowledge about healthy eating, living a healthy lifestyle, exercising, and all of that, but people still binge to their graves.

We have Knowledge about gambling and how it’s dangerously addictive, yet people still throw away their hard money betting, they know they shouldn’t do it, but they do it anyway.

There’s so much knowledge on the planet right now but nothing has changed. Schools teach sex education, but our kids are engaging in sex earlier than any other generation. Society teaches the dangers of drug abuse, yet drugs are prevalent everywhere, and it’s getting worse because we are legalizing drugs now.

Before sounding like a ranting activist, let me get back to the topic, money, we have access to money knowledge, and how to make more money, millions of articles are uploaded everyday and they are mostly about how to make money. But still in this ocean of money knowledge people are still dying broke.

The internet is a smorgasbord of knowledge, a labyrinth of ideas, a place to learn anything that you want to learn. We have access to knowledge of how to grow successful businesses, but businesses still fail and there is a reason, you need to pull a money lever to crack the money code, but…

Do you know which money lever to Pull?

There is a principle tied to making money, and it’s not about information. It’s about knowledge, the application of knowledge. Because knowing is not doing, you can know something but still do the opposite.

I started by introducing myself as -The healthy accountant. I am actually an accountant, that’s my profession, and I care.

I care about your money knowledge, I care about telling you how to pull the right lever, how to make more money, and how to keep it, most of it anyway.

The internet is full of knowledge, it’s proliferated with ‘how to make money’ articles. That knowledge won’t help you unless you know what lever to pull.

Let me explain. There are levers in life, levers you must pull to attain a new level, for example, if you want to live a healthy life, you must eat healthily, exercise, and remain sane amid world crises. That’s the lever you must pull if you want to live a healthy life.

Do you know the lever you must pull if you want to live a financially free life?

The lever you must pull to make money

Here it is, you need change, change of mindset, and if you think you know what I’m talking about, let’s redefine the word change, not as the dictionary defines it.

The word ‘change’ actually means, ‘repent,’ not in a religious sense, but you need to repent. repent of convoluted money ideas, wrong things you’ve been doing that keep you from cracking the money code.

Knowledge is not power, it only gets you out of ignorance. See, the interesting thing about change is that you cannot change or ‘repent’ of wrong money behavior patterns if you don’t apply knowledge.

You need awareness, and Ignorance is the first level of awareness, the knowledge that you didn’t know, but that’s just the start, you need to get to a higher state to crack the money code.

The mindset change secret

To make more money, change your mindset, change your beliefs, then you can get knowledge,the right knowledge.

Transform your life with relevant knowledge, it’s got to be ‘relevant’ to your situation, It should give you understanding.

Here’s the thing about understanding, you will start seeing yourself differently, and you will see where you need to change in your life. Understanding will help you to see how to change, it will give you a new strategy. You need an ultimate strategy because just knowing won’t move the needle.

It’s all tied into your character

I was talking to a friend of mine and he mentioned something, he said, “Man I have been talking to people, and, they can quote all sorts of stuff from books, but they are broke, they ain’t doing nothing, they ain’t working on anything, they’ve got all this information, but aren’t doing anything with it.”

That got me thinking, and I realized, that knowledge needs a new level of awareness.

See back before I was the healthy accountant, I was a regular guy, just like any other accountant, but I realized something. I realized I needed to apply knowledge, if I wanted to see change, I needed understanding to change my character.

Because my character was intricately intertwined with my personality, it affected my success level. Because there can’t be any lasting change unless your character changes, unless your personality is affected, who you are and how you think is transformed.

Knowledge won’t do it, because money or the making of money requires some things from you, it requires a deep desire, grounded on character, not more knowledge, but a deep desire to succeed.






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