Why you should Hire to Circulate and Attract more money in your business

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We’ve been learning the principles of cracking the money code to attract more money and create wealth.

Money or the search of money is tied to principles. When you tap into the right principles, get to the essence you will discover the secret of how to attract money

In the last article I mentioned some things about the Jewish culture, and how it teaches what other cultures don’t teach. These knowledge guarantees that Jewish people keep prospering no matter where they are.

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

Now Here is one revelatory lesson from the book Business Secrets From The Bible by Rabbi Daniel Lapin.

The Jews are very successful financially because they know and practice certain things that most cultures don’t practice, in fact other cultures do the opposite of what the Jewish culture teaches.

For example, Do you cut your own lawn? clean your own house? fix your own car? Or cut your own hair? Doing that may look frugal, but do you know Jews are taught not to try and do everything? They are taught to hire skilled people?

Now the business sense behind that may be delegation, but it goes beyond that, there is a spiritual principle at work. Dr., Robert Lapin says that when they go to the synagogue that’s where a lot of things happen. That’s where they circulate business opportunities.

Compare that to church, your church if you are a Christian, do you do that? does your church constantly make sure that people in certain businesses who need help get employed to circulate money amongst the congregation?

The money principle Rabbi Lapin shares is hiring people, not just anybody but skilled people amongst fellow Jews.

You may not be a Jew or hire from your church or congregation, but its common knowledge that if you are a business owner and want your business to grow, you must hire.

Certain professionals however find it difficult to hire, i am an Accountant, and accounatns are notorious of trying to go solo. They may not know all parts of accounting but they would rather do it themselves than hire. The reasoning behind that mindset is to keep their expenses low, and pay themselves instead.

Lately I started hiring and I can tell you its taken a load off my shoulders, and recently I took a really big decision, I had been outsourcing some stuff, but I decided to bring my wife who is an accountant into the business.

That decision was huge, it was like hiring LeBron James, both in her value to the business and cost. But it was the best decision I ever made she has taken a mountain of work off my hands, I’m so grateful, because I can focus on doing other things that help grow the business.

But here is the catch, when you go out to hire, you should hire somebody who will do things you’re already doing, and here is why.

It may look counter intuitive, but it isn’t. Look at it this way, if you hire somebody to do things you don’t know how to do how will you know their effectiveness or value to to your business?

But when you hire somebody to take over some of your workload, you can quickly appreciate their role in the business, and besides its easy to show them the ropes, because they are professionals.

That brings me to the next point, which is — Hire experts,- why? Because the alternative to hiring an expert is to hire a rookie then teach and train them, that will still keep you involved in what they are doing.

An expert may cost more, but they will take the load off your hands immediately like my wife did.

Lastly here is another financial reason why you should hire or outsource personnel and services — Money increases when its circulated, you’ve got to release it, the more people you release it to the more it will flow back to you.

The reason companies grow big is because they circulate their money over and over. They constantly put money to work by circulating it.

As an Accountant, I can tell if your business is growing by looking at where your money is going. Because if most of the money is coming back to you, then you have stopped the flow of money, and are on the way to becoming a failed business.

When you hold onto money it dries up like a spring whose source is stopped. So if you are wondering saying to yourself, ‘where is my money going?’ You are holding on to it when you should be letting it go. If you let it go, it will flow right back to you.

So you want to grow, to attract more money? go out and hire somebody, and watch your bank balances grow as you increase your capacity to work. That’s true entrepreneurship.






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