The Pandemic was a stirring up of faith in our nation. It revealed where we have put our trust. That trust is not in God. As the pandemic problem escalated the fabric of where we’ve put our faith was revealed.

The government came up with an ‘ingenious’ solution to the problem, it circulated more money in PPP funding. Frustrated businesses threatened with closure fought to get people back to work. They offered more money.

What is money? The online dictionary defines money as, “a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes…”

Paper money is supposed to represent the value of gold and silver. But that’s not true anymore.

Robert Collier in his book The Secret of Ages says money is nothing but an idea. He says and I quote;

“What is money but a mere idea of mind, a token of exchange? The paper money you have in your pockets is supposed to represent so much gold or silver currency.

 There are billions upon billions of this paper money in circulation, yet all the gold in the world amounts to only about $8,000,000,000. Wealth is in ideas, not in money or property.”

Our founding fathers knew money was nothing but an idea. They printed on the dollar bills ‘In God we trust.” They were declaring, “we will build this nation on God’s foundation and not on anything else, we will put our trust in God and not in money.”

How do you view money?  Does money propel your decision-making process? Okay, Let me rephrase that question






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