Why “Account for Your Life”?


Sometimes our lives seem to be well planned out. We close the greatest deal of our lives, attend our dream school, marry our heart flame, get that dream job, and live happily forever!

Not so, the converse is actually… see more


This is a tricky time to run a business (or to be a human being), but there are ways we can navigate the environment gracefully, too. The more complicated the world gets, the more chances we have to solve complicated problems.

Mainly, business is about solving problems.


Every organism in nature lives as part of an ecosystem. And that’s true of business as well.

Potential clients and customers don’t line up neatly along an assembly line that turns strangers into buyers.

Instead, they wander along self-created paths that might…

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No matter who you are, You need to Account For Your Life.


Your Spirituality is important, it’s the anchor to all other successes.

We preach and teach about God of the Bible. Our faith is in Jesus Christ, we embolden his life on earth, living out our full potential according to his plans and blueprint.


In the last few years, sharp health awareness has shaken people out of their sedentary stupor. The health, gym, and fitness club has blossomed and is now a booming industry.

We exercise because it’s fun. But People don’t… see more


Your success is pegged on your physical health and lifestyle, but more important than both fitness and diet is having the right financial mindset and your perception about money.

Let’s get your mental attitude in shape.

Would you like to  account for your life?

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